Eastern Sugar and Industries Ltd.
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Our Purpose Impact

Our Purpose & Impact

Our purpose is to actualize the fullest potential of business in India. We are committed to doing this in the most environmentally sustainable way, with enduring value for the country, with prosperity and well-being of communities, our stakeholders and our employees while ensuring sensitivity towards the environment. Every outcome of our work is committed to positive change.

Our Values

Safety : we value life and are unconditional about safety, health and wellbeing.
Care & Respect : we believe in humanity and therefore demonstrate care and respect for everyone.
Integrity : we are committed to doing the right thing, with transparency, ethics and fairness.
Accountability :we own our decisions, actions, outcomes. We make considered choices and improve.
Collaboration :we work seamlessly in the spirit of partnership to achieve exceptional outcomes.
Innovation :we challenge assumptions, seek perspectives and pursue opportunities.