Eastern Sugar and Industries Ltd.
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Human Capital People
We rest on a simple belief - we are better together. We believe our greatest asset to be our people. In working with us you will join an organization which is on mission to become a workplace where curious minds and compassionate people can learn and grow together. We foster a culture of empowerment and authenticity. We promote passion and engagement, with respect for the individual. It is our human capital which lies at the core of who we are, what we do and how we do it. Mutual trust, respect and understanding drive our people policy and actualize our values as lived beliefs. Our people approach guides how we attract, develop, engage and retain talent. To do this, we have created a diverse and inclusive work-place, a culture of openness, diversity, equity, inclusivity. We believe an empowered, motivated team achieves great things. In concert with our employee policies we are committed to stakeholder engagement, learning and research coupled with feedback, operational transparency, environmental awareness and trusted partnerships with local communities. We undertake regular assessments of our comprehensive efforts to help identify the most pressing challenges and opportunities for delivering responsible growth and sustainable business outcomes. These assessments are informed by:

  • Stakeholder engagements
  • Investor roadshows
  • Material issues
  • Industry analytics
  • Media reviews

Why You Should Join Us

If you believe in the power of possibilities, and if you see what is while imagining what can be, you are perfectly suited to be on our team. We are young and we also have the wisdom of experience (since 1971). We are dreamers, doers and an intensely passionate group of people. We walk our talk of inclusivity, freedom transparency, ethics and great people culture. At the core of who we are ad what we do is our People. We believe they are our most important, our greatest asset. Click the link below to come aboard a great company.