Eastern Sugar and Industries Ltd.
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About Us
A flagship company of the Kundan Group (www.kundangroup.com) Eastern Sugar & Industries Ltd has roots in, and is a fuller, more enhanced expression of the Group’s gold business besides a new foray into economically significant minerals and metals. A long-standing end-to-end player in precious metals, the sub-set of our gold business continues to be a leader in minting, refining, designing, manufacturing. Widely acknowledged as industry and category benchmark, incrementally, since 1971 Kundan Group has enjoyed consistent market leadership in bullion, gold refining, minting. A member of MCX and NCDEX, Kundan Group enjoys an exceptional reputation for purity, stability, consistency, quality and value. A top tier importer /exporter of bullion, Kundan Group has strong trade and supply chain partnerships with the world’s largest players in precious metals. The Group’s internationally benchmarked gold refinery, is also India’s largest, synonymous with highest grade precious metals. Kundan’s advanced assay and refining technologies enable faster, consistent quality results. Deeply invested in R&D, we ensure that conventional fire assay methods are complemented by cutting-edge analytical electronic instrumentations such as spectroMidex, XRAY and spectro-arcos ICP. NABL accredited Kundan mints to diverse formats and specifications.

Kundan Group which has diversified business interests in the field of Mineral Processing, Mining, Gold Refinery, Renewable Energy - Predominantly Hydro, Solar, Wind. Group has a turnover of approx. Rs.16000 crore with a PAT of more than Rs. 300 crore.

CEO’s Message

We believe a better world is possible through better leverage of the Earth’s resources. A belief which is rooted in Sustainability and responsible resource development. At the same time, the goals we have set for ourselves are ambitious. Grounded in our strengths and our confidence they are helping drive important progress. Across the spectrum of our business, its various engagements and impacts we are committed to best practices and the creation of intrinsic value. In business dynamics we see increasing expectations from our communities, investors, governments and customers.

We have seen the increasing importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) to the investment community. From a business perspective, I see ESG as the defining acronym for all business activity. For companies looking to access capital to maintain and grow a business, ESG performance is a major determining factor. We have always believed that sustainability success is directly linked to business success.