Eastern Sugar and Industries Ltd.
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Our Products


Product Quality
The commercial grading of sugar in India is based on grain size and colour categories. Currently 3-grain sizes and 3 colour series are identified.


Grade Grain Size
L > 1.70 - mm
M 1.18 - 1.70 mm
S 0.60 - 1.18 mm


The major product of the company shall be WHITE CRYSTAL SUGAR. The sugar is graded mainly into 2 types :-


This is a fine quality of sugar and is used basically in beverages, domestic use and by the confectioners.



This is a coarse grain quality and is used by for preparation of mithai in Northern India, and for  multiple purposes, including industrial usage.


The major by-product of the sugar industry is molasses. The molasses is sold to the distilleries and/or the ethanol units. The molasses constitute the basic raw material in such type of Industries.


The fibre of the sugarcane after extraction of the juice is bagasse. It is considered as a good quality fuel for co-generation plant with high emission level and low calorific value. There are other uses of bagasse such as making of paper & particle board.


The PRESSMUD is the dirt which is extracted from the juice after the process of sulphitation. The juice is passed into the clarifier where the mud settles down and then it is extracted and further through the process of suction the remaining juice from the mud is also extracted. The mud is thereby termed as pressmud. It is utilized as fertilizer, which is passed on to the farmers, voluntarily.