Eastern Sugar and Industries Ltd.
Management Promoters
  1. Mr. Bimal Kumar Nopany, Chairman
    Mr. Nopany, aged about 65 years a graduate from Calcutta University has more than 45 years experience in various industries such as Sugar, Real Estate Development and Investments. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Leading Academic Institutions in kolkata and also Member of the Board of a Public School in Ranchi.

  2. Mr. Davis Younge Manawwar, Director
    Aged about 76 years, Mr. Manawwar is having more than 42 years experience. He hold various Government Posts amongst other. He hold top executive post of M. P. Financial Corporation. He retired as Chief Secretary, Government of Madhya Pradesh.

  3. Mr. Kanhaiya Lal Darak, Director
    Aged about 67 YEARS, Mr. Darak is having more than 48 years of practical experience in Corporate Accounts in various Industries.

  4. Mr. Ram Chandra Jha, Director
    Mr. Jha aged about 66 years is a post graduate and has more than 42 years experience in various reputed Sugar Manufacturing Companies.

  5. Mr. Shirish Jay sukhgiri Goswami, Executive Director
    Mr. Goswami aged about 43 years is a L. L. B. and has more than 17 years experience in different field. He hold the position of Administrative officer in Tlaxi Textiles and Logistic Manager in Tasha Enterprises (K) Ltd., Kenya.